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Why Domed Awnings are so appealing

17 March 2023

Domed awnings are regal-looking and visually classically appealing.

They can be custom-made to suit any application, be it a private residence, the entrance to a hotel or an outdoor restaurant and pub patio area.

Domed awnings can be manufactured from imported colour-dyed canvas or polycarbonate sheeting.

They enhance any building and add a “touch of class” to windows, doorways and outdoor patios.

One of the many benefits of a domed awning is that it is easy to maintain, needing a hose down with clean water to keep it in top condition.

Domed awnings deflect 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays while still allowing natural light to filter through.

Polycarbonate boards are resilient, offering great impact-resistance to all types of weather conditions.

Domed awnings can be tailored to meet all outdoor entertainment coverage requirements.

Polycarbonate domes are available in a range of colours including aluminium, clear, white and bronze-tinted acrylic boards. Canvas domes can be dyed to suit customer requirements.

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Why Domed Awnings are so attractive.

Domed awnings are visually splendid and characteristically eye appealing.

They have custom-made suitability for many applications, from private homes, hotel entrances to pub and restaurant patios.

Domed Awnings are factory made from Polycarbonate sheeting.

Adding a classy look and feel to enhance windows and doorways has never been easier.

A main benefit of a Domed awning is it “easy care” label, needing only a hose down to keep it in top shape.

Domed Awnings allow natural light through and repel 99% of harmful UV rays.

Polycarbonate boards are robust, offering terrific impact-resistance to weather conditions like hail.

Our Domed awnings are tailor made to accommodate outdoor entertaining exposure needs.

Our Domed awnings allow water to drain extremely well. Some can include an integrated gutter.

Our Polycarbonate Domed awnings come in a range of colours. The range includes white, clear, grey and bronze tinted acrylic or multiwall polycarbonate boards. Finished off structure colour of your choice.

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