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Our Product Range

Reboss D Series Black PVC Bracket with Overhang 1000mm
Bracket Overhang 1000mm

Series D

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Reboss H Series Black PVC Bracket with overhand 700mm
Bracket Overhang 700mm

Series H

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Reboss M series Black Bracket with 1000mm overhang
Bracket Overhang 1000mm

Series M

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Reboss P Series White Bracket with 1200mm overhang
Bracket Overhang 1200mm

Series P

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Reboss R Series with bracket overhand 1500mm
Bracket Overhang 1500mm

Series R

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Reboss New Awnings
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New Awnings

Reboss what is an awing

Who We Are

  • We are the leading Manufacturer of Awnings in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Our installations are a great addition to any outdoor area; they provide shelter, shade, and reduce interior temperatures.
  • Our Awnings are simple in structure, therefore they are easily assembled and the quick installation makes our awnings perfect for those DIY projects.
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Polycarbonate and Acrylic Awnings

We love South Africa and we are proud to be the top Awning company. We are proud to offer Polycarbonate and Acrylic Awnings

Why Polycarbonate Awnings

200% stronger than glass
Cost efficient
UV Protected 99,9%
Lets in light and keep out Heat
Impact resistant
Protect your investments from harsh elements

Why Acrylic Awnings

More cost efficient than glass
100% Stronger than glass
UV Protected 99,9%
High Impact strength
Lets light in and aesthetically pleasing
Protect your investments from harsh elements

Why Choose Reboss Awnings?

  • Reboss manufactures a diverse awning range and supplies to the retail, construction and home Improvement industry and enthusiasts alike
  • Customized solutions that are recognised on suburban homes as well as commercial buildings throughout Africa
  • Awnings to suit any area from patios , doors, windows and pergolas
  • Passionate and motivated to invest in every engagement we have with our customers.
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Reboss what is an awing

Where to buy

Our Reboss awnings will also provide you with numerous other benefits

  • Help control the levels of sun and light exposure.
  • Sun and light exposure control means lower electricity bills (reduced use of air conditioning or heater).
  • Reboss awnings are also a cost effective solution to transforming your ordinary deck or patio into a beautiful outdoor room
  • They provide more coverage, which offers you more shade for you to enjoy. Contact us for durable Reboss awnings.
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See What our Customers Have to Say about Reboss Awnings

We are an honest and trustworthy Awning company.
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The five awnings that were installed at Meyersdal this morning: I would like to compliment George & his team, on their efficiency, neatness & professionalism in their work.
Keep up the good work!
"I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you, the awning looks great and the installation team were superb. Thanks a million for your excellent service and help"
I once again salute one of your staff members with the name of “Piet” who is undoubtedly an asset to the Reboss Installation staff compliment – his humbleness, professionalism and willingness to assist goes a long way! In instances of all future installations I would request that the installation be done by having him onboard as part of the installation team.

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We Provide Delivery and Installation


Quality hardware and methodical planning is done for your project to ensure that your comfort and satisfaction.
Customer care and service guaranteed.
Professional teams.
Creating Beautiful finishes.
Trained Team members.
Commercial Installation
Consultation and site visitation.
Scale and project discussions.
Installation and project planning.
Schedule project plan.
Scheduled Installation.
Protection and completion of project on time.
Residential Installation
Product presentation and communication.
Product manufactured.
Scheduled for installation.
After sales service

What is an Awning?

An awning is a structure fixed to the exterior of a building. The frame is encased in tightly stretched canvas or vinyl, or other suitable materials such as transparent polycarbonate, or to add aesthetic flair and practicality to a property.

The framework of an awning is constructed of wood, steel or aluminium. In colder climes, aluminium awnings, encased in aluminium sheets, are popular to cope with heavy snow loads.

The awning is designed to provide shade and shelter and is therefore located above windows and doorways. Awnings can also cover a large area running adjacent to a wall and are designed to shelter larger groups of diners or people at similar social gatherings. Awnings can also be extended out onto the sidewalk, as is often seen at upmarket hotels and fine dining venues.

Awnings are also utilised to advertise a business and are popular for that reason at restaurants, pubs, boutiques, hairdressers etc. Commercial awnings can be painted with the name of the business, as well as other pertinent information such as phone number and address. Apart from acting as a billboard, awnings offer protection from strong winds and UV rays, rain or snow.

Awnings protecting windows and doorways can be designed to be retracted when not needed or to remain fixed, as in the case of extended coverings alongside a wall or protruding out onto the sidewalk.

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