Acrylic Awnings: The Perfect Solution for South African Homes

5 December 2023
Daniel Brits

South Africa’s unique climate calls for innovative solutions to make the most of your outdoor spaces. Enter acrylic awnings. These robust, stylish, and versatile products from Reboss Awnings, Johannesburg’s leading manufacturer of window awnings, are revolutionising how we enjoy our patios and decks.

Why Acrylic Awnings?

Acrylic awnings are more than just a pretty face. They are almost indestructible, thanks to their polycarbonate composition. This thermoplastic polymer, renowned for its toughness! But what does this mean for your home? It means your awning will not just withstand low impacts but will absorb them without breaking or cracking.

Beyond durability, acrylic awnings also offer practical benefits. They help reduce solar heat during the sweltering summer months and can trap warmth during the colder seasons, creating a comfortable outdoor environment all year round. Plus, they’re easy to clean. Simply mix dishwashing liquid with warm water to wash down the awning or hose it down with fresh water.

D Series Bronze Acrylic

Versatility and Style with Reboss

Reboss Awnings doesn’t just offer durability and function; we understand that homeowners want style and versatility too. That’s why our acrylic awnings come in a variety of colours to suit individual design needs. We can help match your home’s aesthetic.

Polycarbonate Products from Reboss

For those seeking an alternative to acrylic, Reboss also designs and manufactures polycarbonate products. Our team of professional designers recognises that polycarbonate can provide solutions for many applications, including domestic properties, commercial premises, and new builds.

Your Perfect Awning Awaits

With over 20 years of experience and an extensive range of products, Reboss Awnings is the go-to choice for Window Awnings, Door Awnings and Patio Awnings in South Africa. Our solutions can be found on many suburban and commercial buildings throughout South Africa’s bustling metropolises.

Whether you’re looking for a door awning or patio awning, there’s a Reboss product that suits your requirements. Don’t wait to transform your outdoor space into a year-round haven. Contact us today and discover the perfect acrylic awning solution for your home.

Reboss Awnings South Africa
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