Window Awnings

Window Awnings have been around for centuries

If you have invested in new windows in your home, it is a good idea to cover them with awnings as they will protect your windows! They let light into the room and protect the frames and any furniture positioned close to the window acting as a safeguard from sun damaging UV rays.

Awnings can make your house look more beautiful and shield it from harsh weather too.


Reboss makes sure that customers get their projects done quickly and efficiently

Reboss Awnings is a family-owned company with over 25 years of experience in the industry. They focus on customer satisfaction, use excellent methods and materials for manufacturing. They continue to stay up to date with worldwide trends so they can provide you world-class, quality products.

Their range includes both commercial awnings and residential awnings.


Welcome to Reboss Awnings

Reboss awnings can be configured to shelter your patio from the sun and all-weather conditions. The awning provides 99% UV protection which allows just enough light to pass through. Reboss awnings are aesthetically attractive, made from quality material, while maintaining a durable design.

The company is proud to offer the best prices in South Africa!


Specialist in Awning Manufacture and Installation

Reboss provides a range of superior products that can enhance outdoor living spaces. The company specializes in roof systems such as Polycarbonate Carports and Domed Awnings. These are perfect for adding shade or shelter from rain while still allowing you to enjoy all aspects of the great outdoors!

From aluminium awnings, to opening roofs, to fixed and retractable awnings, there are no shortage of awnings that can provide shade. Consider having an awning installed if you need more shade over your patios or doors.


South Africa’s leading awning systems.

At Reboss Awnings, reliability is rated very high. 70% of the supplier and install sales is via word-of-mouth referrals and are very responsive to providing solutions. They always listen to their clients’ needs and pride themselves on the wide range of aluminium and steel awnings that they have on offer.

Modern technology has allowed the awning industry to develop into high-tech environments with options like retractable awnings operated by remote control. Business installations can include awnings that suit commercial constructed solutions. The most populated outdoor areas can now be converted into entertaining centres, which are completely sheltered from sunshine and rain.


Cost-effective window awnings, installations, and protection!

Reboss has spent years building an enduring reputation as a leader in the in the awning industry. They manufacture fixed awning products that provide warmth, property protection and other popular benefits. Reboss is a leading awning firm in Johannesburg supplying a variety of awnings. They carry out installation services for residential and commercial industries.

Reboss is in partnership with its customers – from the decision-making stage to installation and continue the relationship through their after-sales support. Reviews from many happy customers help cement Reboss’s reputation and expertise.

So, if you are looking for high-quality and affordable awning installation, look no further and contact us today!


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