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What is an awning?

An awning is a weather-resistant, roof-like cover made of polyester-cotton or acrylic yarn, or vinyl laminated material that is stretched tightly, or solid acrylic or multiwall polycarbonate sheets that fit over windows, doors or a deck providing shade and a canopy of protection from the rain, snow, or other weather elements.

Most awnings are a secondary covering attached that will extend from the exterior wall of a house or commercial buildings, for example. They come in many different styles with strong fabrics that let light filter through while achieving their main purpose of blocking heat.

Understanding an awning

When you’re considering awnings for your home, it is usually to create shelter from the weather and wind but there are many things to think about. You may have heard the term, but what exactly is an awning?

An awning is an extension of your roof that will provide shelter from rain or sun. It is often attached to the exterior of your house or building.

Whether you live in a rainy climate or a hot and sunny one, this article will help you decide if installing an awning would be beneficial for you.

The difference between retractable awnings and fixed awnings

Both retractable and fixed awnings have many benefits that can be enjoyed by homeowners. Some of these benefits include protection from the sun and weather, an extra living area, and added privacy. The main difference is that one is permanent and can’t be moved, and the other can be retracted.

Both types of awnings are perfect for those who want to enjoy their outdoor living spaces. They can provide shade and are generally used on patios and decks. They often don’t require structural alterations to your property.

Awnings can also be retracted to allow more light into the interior of your house or building.

Another great benefit of retractable awnings is that they can act as an extra living space. Whether you’re using them for dining or just relaxing, awnings add a new dimension to your outdoor shelter.

What is a retractable awning?

Retractable awnings are one of the most versatile home décor options out there! They offer you so much more than just protection from the elements. These products can make your outdoor spaces look aesthetically pleasing with their sleek designs and colours.

The technology has advanced significantly in recent years, making these awnings cheaper to own as well. Homeowners often opt-in for remote control customization. Motorized awnings are a premium product, but you have the choice of a manual awning as well.

Patio awnings

Awnings provide shelter whilst enjoying a sunny day outside in your garden and they are generally a permanent structure.

What is the best patio awning? We have installed thousands of patio awnings and each project is unique. Once we have your project details we will advise the best awning for your patio.

Often our customers need shade and UV protection. Secondly, our awnings protect your patio chairs and tables.

Window awnings and door awnings

The main purpose of window and door awnings is to reduce the UV rays of the sun. This provides a shade canopy for windows and doors. This will help to keep the room cooler. An awning reflects heat away from your windows. This, in turn, reduces the need for air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter.

The awning will keep your guests dry by creating a canopy over the door when it rains. The rain will be redirected away from them.

Some designs even have decorative touches such as using bright and bold colours that are made of durable materials.

Furthermore window and door awnings can protect indoor fabrics from fading.

Know the Styles of Awnings

Whatever your style for your awning, there is a design to fit your needs. Ask us about fabric awnings vs Polycarbonate awnings.

It is important to know what you want your awning cover to look like before choosing one. If you desire something bright or contrasting, choose bright tones that will complement the exterior walls of your building, or if subtlety is more appealing choose accent colours.

If you are unsure what styles are out there, we are here to help!

Benefits of awnings:

  • An awning offers shade on hot days can help you spend more time outdoors.
  • They help provide shelter from the elements, like rain, sun and high winds.
  • Awnings will save your furniture so they don’t get damaged by the sun.
  • You’ll be able to extend your living space
  • Privacy is important. Customize an awning for peace of mind

Trust the awning experts. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help improve your outdoor living experience!


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