What is an Awning? 

24 October 2023
Daniel Brits

So what is an awning you ask? An awning is a structure fixed to the exterior of a building. The frame adds both aesthetic appeal and practicality to a property as it is encased in tightly stretched canvas, vinyl, or transparent polycarbonate.

The framework of an awning is constructed of wood, steel or aluminium. In colder climes, awnings, encased in aluminium are popular to cope with heavy snow loads.

What is the meaning of awning

Awnings are designed to provide shade and shelter and are located above windows and doorways. Awnings can cover an expanse running adjacent to a wall, and are designed to shelter large groups of people at social gatherings, making them popular for use at pubs and restaurants. Awnings can also be extended onto the sidewalk, as is often seen at upmarket hotels and fine dining venues.

Awnings are also utilised to advertise a business and are in popular use at restaurants, pubs, boutiques, hairdressers etc. In terms of commerce, awnings offer a remarkable opportunity to showcase the business name, along with essential details like the phone number and address. Apart from acting as a billboard, awnings offer protection from strong winds, UV rays, rain and snow.

Awnings are a versatile solution for protecting windows and doorways. They can easily be retracted or left in place as a fixed structure. Awnings provide shelter from unpredictable weather conditions such as wind, rain, sunshine, and snow. They are crafted with quality materials such as polyester-cotton, acrylic yarn, canvas, polycarbonate sheeting, or vinyl laminated material. Awnings can be fitted over windows, doors, or decking to offer not only shade but also a luxurious canopy of protection.

Retractable awnings are another versatile home decor option. Apart from protection from the elements, retractable awnings add aesthetic appeal with sleek designs and vibrant colours.

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