Reboss Awnings and Canopies for Doorways

Patio door awnings and canopies are an excellent way to reduce energy costs by reflecting the sun away from your building during hot summer months, trapping pockets of warmth in colder seasons.

Doorway canopy awnings can be custom-made to suit the shape and size of any door or window and have easy-care maintenance benefits. The sturdy design gives aesthetic appeal while providing 99% UV protection. By looking after your product, you will ensure it lasts for years without fading or cracking!

Reboss is a company supplier of choice for door shades and polycarbonate awnings. These are available in various colours and styles, such as remote-controlled aluminium retractable arm mechanisms.

Reboss launches a new range

Reboss, an awning supply and DIY store, recently launched a new range of window and door canopy awnings. These awnings, designed to protect your property from damage by the elements, are available in three different width sizes – 1000mm 1200mm and 1500mm – which can easily  be joined to make the desired extended width. They are made from high-quality UV-stabilised materials and brackets and are available in PVC or Aluminium.

Available in various colours and styles, contact Reboss for a price list, queries, or for delivery to your doorstep.

What is the purpose of door awnings?

Awnings are primarily used to shade entranceways and can handle the force of the wind. Quality awnings are manufactured with sturdy materials, while strong and durable polycarbonate awnings add an extra layer of insulation to guard against harmful UV rays.

Ask Reboss about the product range and installation options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a door awning cost?

The price of door awnings starts at R569 for a basic DIY setup, excluding installation or labour costs. Cost also depends on the materials and systems chosen.

What size awning do I need for a door?

To determine the size of the awning needed, a polycarbonate, acrylic or dome awning for doors must cover and protect the entranceway. A good option is to take measurements of the area you want to be covered and, if in doubt, contact us for assistance.

Do awnings rust?

Awnings from Reboss will not rust because they are purpose-built with sturdy materials to protect against the elements. For example, a polycarbonate awning consists of high-quality engineered PVC that does not rust, corrode or rot.

What is the purpose of a doorway awning in the wintertime?

Awnings work to protect all year round. Awnings keep the rain, hail and ice off your doors or windows, eliminating possible water damage. A polycarbonate awning also adds an extra layer of insulation on cold winter days and helps reduce heating costs by reflecting natural light.

What does awning installation entail?

There are several different awnings, each requiring its own installation procedures. However, dome awnings for entrance ways are easy to assemble and quick to install.


If you are looking for the perfect canopy or awning for the entranceway into your building, it is best to speak to the experts. Reboss can help to narrow down your requirements and will assist with all your questions. Reboss considers all aspects of canopy and awning installation, such as your weather conditions, in what direction the entranceway is facing, and the aesthetics of the building.