Multiwall Polycarbonate Patio Awnings Benefits

Reboss is a proud stockist of a range of polycarbonate awning products, perfect for the South African DIY handyman.

The attraction of multiwall polycarbonate patio awnings is that they offer high-impact resistance to changing weather patterns, such as high or cold temperatures. The material allows natural light to filter through and is also extremely durable, resisting scratching and everyday wear-and-tear.

What is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a tough thermoplastic which is engineered as an optically transparent material offering terrific light transmission qualities. Polycarbonate sheets are also a very attractive alternative to glass as they are twice as strong and weigh 50% less!

Another huge attraction about using polycarbonate sheets for awnings is that they are available in a range of different colour options. Reboss offers clients polycarbonate awnings in colours such as clear, white, grey or bronze-tinted.

Polycarbonate is perfect for Home or Business use

Polycarbonate awnings are among the most durable and heat-resistant products on the market today! They protect against harsh weather conditions and are ideal for all types of outdoor entertainment areas.

Reboss supplies two different types of sheeting:

1.   Acrylic Boards which come in clear, bronze, hazy grey, white and aluminium coloured.

2.   Multiwall Polycarbonate Boards which come in clear, white, grey and bronze tint.

Reboss supplies two different types of brackets:

1.   Engineered UPVC brackets that come in black and bronze colours.

2.   Aluminium brackets that are powder coated in standard bronze, black, white and silver colours. Special colours are available on request.

Although Reboss offers clients the services of a professional installation team, they do supply DIY enthusiasts with all the fittings required to erect polycarbonate awnings.