P-Series is the Perfect Awning Solution

The P-Series is the perfect solution to all awning needs, no matter the colour palette or the shape and size of the area to be covered. The awning can be stretched to any width by joining together the 1200mm deep material, which comes in five different finishes.

The P-Series is:

·        Available in three width options – 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm

·        Supplied with aluminium powder-coated brackets

·        Available in four basic colours – black, white, bronze and silver with special colours available on request

·        Supplied in five different boards – aluminium, clear acrylic, bronze- tinted, clear Multiwall and bronze-tinted Multiwall

·        Water-tight and UV ray-resistant

The P-Series offers the DIY enthusiast the flexibility to create individualistic designs to enhance patio and outdoor living areas with an elegant roofing solution.

P Series - Bronze Acrylic 1.2 (w) Pretoria

The five different finishes

·        Aluminium Coloured 3mm Board – this board provides maximum protection from all weather conditions. It is an effective sun block, and is waterproof.

·        Clear Acrylic 3mm Board – this board allows the sun to filter through but blocks out harmful UV rays. It is also waterproof.

·        Bronze or Smokey Grey Tinted 3mm Board 3mm – this board allows 50% of the sunlight through while blocking out the glare and the heat. It also blocks out harmful UV rays and protects against rain.

·        Clear Multiwall 5mm Board – this board allows the sun through while blocking out UV Rays. It also protects against rain.

·        Bronze or Grey Tinted Multiwall 5mm Board – this board will allow 50% of the sunlight through while blocking out the glare and heat. It is also UV-resistant and watertight.