Dome Awning Benefits

A barrel vault dome awning from Reboss, constructed with polycarbonate boards, is designed to protect entrance and doorways from the harsh South African climate. Read on to find out more about dome awning benefits.

The polycarbonate boards are curved into a half-round to give the dome-like appearance. This shape allows rainwater to drain away easily over the edge of the dome or into an integrated gutter.

Dome Awning benefits from Reboss

Dome awnings save money. They deflect 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays while the polycarbonate boards allow most of the light to filter through, helping you to reduce energy costs.

The dome awnings are custom-made by Reboss, using clear or tinted Multiwall polycarbonate sheeting. Barrel vault dome awnings are available in a range of colours, including aluminium, clear, white and bronze-tinted acrylic boards.

The engineered Multiwall polycarbonate sheeting is one of the strongest building products on the market, offering impact resistance to all weather conditions. Polycarbonate products reduce heat build-up and safeguard against harmful UV rays without impeding light infiltration.

Dome awnings are an eye-appealing sculpted shape that adds a “touch of class” to any window or entranceway. Aesthetically appealing, awnings enhance the value of a property.

Polycarbonate is an easy-care product that just needs a wash down with clean water to remain in tip-top condition. Whether you own a home or a commercial property, polycarbonate dome awnings can be custom-made to suit all applications.

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