Polycarbonate Awnings for doors

What is the purpose of door awnings?

Awnings are primarily used to shade an entrance by blocking the sun. An awning is typically built on a frame that can handle the force of the wind. A good awning is manufactured with strong and sturdy materials. A Polycarbonate Awning adds an extra layer of insulation and guards your door against harmful UV rays.

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How much does a door awning cost?

Door Awnings usually start at around R569 for a basic setup, not including installation or labour costs.

A more complex setup may use different shapes and materials, which would increase the price accordingly. A good option to consider when shopping around is to use fixed door awnings. A fixed awning is shaped to fit the door and does not open up like a folding awning, so it will not move with the wind. This also means they are less likely to break.

A traditional awning can be used as well, but bear in mind that these do have awning poles that will need to be moved, opened and closed. An awning is usually built on a frame so it can handle the force of the wind.


What size awning do I need for a door?

The Polycarbonate, Acrylic or Dome awning for doors should be built to cover and protect the door. A good option is to measure your doors and area available for an awning, contact us for help with this. Consider the width and shade area, where does the sun currently shine. Where do you need shelter?

This will give you accurate measurements for the awning that will best suit your door. A good awning size for a door would be 1,2 x 1 metre. A wide structure is ideal to keep the awning and frame stable and sturdy.


Why don’t awnings rust?

One of the reasons awnings don’t rust as much as people think is because they are designed with strong and sturdy materials that are purpose-built and required  protecting against the elements. A good awning can often outlast the door it is on.

The Frame of a polycarbonate awning or e is manufactured from high-quality engineered PVC that will not rust, corrode or rot. Contact our business store for more information and great value products that we have on offer.


Do door awnings work in wintertime?

Yes, awnings do work all year round. An awning will keep the rain and hail/ice off your doors or windows, so there is no need to worry about ice or water damage. A polycarbonate awning also adds an extra layer of insulation on cold winter days and helps reduce heating costs all the while allowing natural light in!


What does awning installation entail?

There are a number of awnings that fall under the awning category, with each awning needing a different type of setup. The A-frames for an awning can also be a factor in quick and accurate installation.. A very basic Awning, such as a durable Dome Awning, can have frames that are quick and easily assembled on-site.


Take the necessary precautions to keep your home secure

In order to protect your house from the sun, awnings are an excellent solution! These awnings protect the windows and doors. They do this by allowing natural light in and offer protection from harmful UV rays.  Awnings are easy to put on and inexpensive too!

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