Door shades for rain

Door shades provide a great way to transform your outdoor patio and make it more useful year-round. There are many different types, such as a “front door awning rain cover” or a “back door awning canopies”; you’ll want awnings that provide shade for your doors and windows. We call these value products for your property.


Protect your patio, doors, and windows from the harsh elements of nature with our durable door shades

A door awning can be custom-made to suit the shape and size of any door or window, but they also have easy-care benefits. Popular products that require low key maintenance. Reboss awnings are designed to protect your patio, doors and windows from all types of weather conditions. The sturdy design provides you with an aesthetic appeal while still providing 99% UV Protection that will last for years without fading or cracking! Patios have never looked so good. Contact us to learn about all category options.

Door and Window Awning


Make sure you are ready for any type of weather with our practical products

Patio or door awnings are an excellent way to reduce energy costs by reflecting the sun away from your building during hot summer months, trapping pockets of warmth in colder seasons.


Get protection from rain and keep living spaces shaded with Reboss Awnings

In South Africa, residents spend their leisure time outdoors, out of the house. They grab every opportunity to do so because it’s a land of sunshine and Reboss makes sure they can fully enjoy this paradise with its Polycarbonate Domed Awnings roof systems for outdoor living spaces.


Reboss is a preferred company supplier

Did you know that Reboss is the company supplier of choice for door shades and polycarbonate awnings? Whether it be an Aluminium Retractable Rain Cover or a colour coded awning- we’ll have what you are looking for!


Stay protected from the elements with a door shade for rain!

The people of South Africa make some award-winning awnings. The awning price depends on the size, category and material, as well as where you need your outdoor space to be used (indoors or out).