Benefits of Polycarbonate Patio Awnings

Polycarbonate awnings are perfect for those South African DIY handymen who want durable and light-weight products. Many advantages include high impact resistance reduce heat build up (Microcell technology), high lifetime expectancy, resistance to cold temperatures or heavy rainfall which can cause other materials to break down over time.

This means you are at the right commercial firm with Reboss!


Dome awnings in Pretoria Menlyn


Be able to enjoy the fresh air even when it’s pouring rain outside

If you’re looking for an awning to protect your home, this is a perfect choice. These thermoplastic material awnings provide shade from both sun and inclement weather so that everyone in the family will stay cool on hot days or, be kept warm when it’s wintertime!

What is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a tough thermoplastic that’s engineered to be an optically transparent material with terrific light transmission qualities. Polycrystalline sheets are also much lighter than glass, offering twice the strength and weighing 50% less! This is a great polycarbonate awning option.

Polycarbonate sheets are an attractive and affordable option for clients who want to create their own awnings. They come in different colours, such as clear or white with tinted options of bronze-coloured polymers that will not affect the visibility from approaching vehicles but instead provide privacy when it is desired without blocking out too much sunlight

Polycarbonate is perfect for a custom commercial sunshade area

With a wide range of colours and styles, polycarbonate is perfect for both home and business use. Because it can withstand harsh weather conditions without denting or scratching easily chips away with time – this material protects outdoor entertainment areas from being damaged by Mother Nature’s elements!

Reboss supplies two different types of sheeting:

1.   Acrylic Boards which come in Clear, Bronze, Hazy Grey, White and Aluminium Coloured.

2.   Multiwall Polycarbonate Boards which come in Clear, White, Grey and Bronze Tint.

Reboss supplies two different types of brackets:

1.   Engineered UPVC Brackets that come in Black and Bronze Colours.

2.   Aluminium Brackets that are powder-coated in standard Bronze, Black, White and silver colours. Special colours are available on request.

Multiwall Polycarbonate roofing

Do you need a new roof for your outdoor living space?

Multiwall Polycarbonate roofing is an excellent solution to your needs. They’re made of durable, lightweight polycarbonate panels that can be easily installed and offer great insulation properties. You won’t have to worry about leaks or ice dams because polycarbonate roofs are watertight and do well in extreme weather conditions.

The installation process is quick and easy with our professional team who can have these structures erected in 2-3 days depending on the size. Each cover is sloped so that rain can be whisked away either over the edge or into an integrated gutter system.

Multiwall Polycarbonate is perfectly suited for an outdoor structure. They let the sun’s natural light go through, tolerate extreme weather conditions and they protect you from heat, harmful UV rays and harmful solar radiation. They are strong too!

Alleviate your worries – we can have these structures erected quickly!

Although Reboss offers clients the services of a professional installation team, we do supply DIY enthusiasts with all the fittings required to erect polycarbonate awnings.

Door shades for rain

Door shades provide a great way to transform your outdoor patio and make it more useful year-round. There are many different types, such as a “front door awning rain cover” or a “back door awning canopies”; you’ll want awnings that provide shade for your doors and windows. We call these value products for your property.


Protect your patio, doors, and windows from the harsh elements of nature with our durable door shades

A door awning can be custom-made to suit the shape and size of any door or window, but they also have easy-care benefits. Popular products that require low key maintenance. Reboss awnings are designed to protect your patio, doors and windows from all types of weather conditions. The sturdy design provides you with an aesthetic appeal while still providing 99% UV Protection that will last for years without fading or cracking! Patios have never looked so good. Contact us to learn about all category options.

Door and Window Awning


Make sure you are ready for any type of weather with our practical products

Patio or door awnings are an excellent way to reduce energy costs by reflecting the sun away from your building during hot summer months, trapping pockets of warmth in colder seasons.


Get protection from rain and keep living spaces shaded with Reboss Awnings

In South Africa, residents spend their leisure time outdoors, out of the house. They grab every opportunity to do so because it’s a land of sunshine and Reboss makes sure they can fully enjoy this paradise with its Polycarbonate Domed Awnings roof systems for outdoor living spaces.


Reboss is a preferred company supplier

Did you know that Reboss is the company supplier of choice for door shades and polycarbonate awnings? Whether it be an Aluminium Retractable Rain Cover or a colour coded awning- we’ll have what you are looking for!


Stay protected from the elements with a door shade for rain!

The people of South Africa make some award-winning awnings. The awning price depends on the size, category and material, as well as where you need your outdoor space to be used (indoors or out).


Window Awnings have been around for centuries

If you have invested in new windows in your home, it is a good idea to cover them with awnings as they will protect your windows! They let light into the room and protect the frames and any furniture positioned close to the window acting as a safeguard from sun damaging UV rays.

Awnings can make your house look more beautiful and shield it from harsh weather too.


Reboss makes sure that customers get their projects done quickly and efficiently

Reboss Awnings is a family-owned company with over 25 years of experience in the industry. They focus on customer satisfaction, use excellent methods and materials for manufacturing. They continue to stay up to date with worldwide trends so they can provide you world-class, quality products.

Their range includes both commercial awnings and residential awnings.


Welcome to Reboss Awnings

Reboss awnings can be configured to shelter your patio from the sun and all-weather conditions. The awning provides 99% UV protection which allows just enough light to pass through. Reboss awnings are aesthetically attractive, made from quality material, while maintaining a durable design.

The company is proud to offer the best prices in South Africa!


Specialist in Awning Manufacture and Installation

Reboss provides a range of superior products that can enhance outdoor living spaces. The company specializes in roof systems such as Polycarbonate Carports and Domed Awnings. These are perfect for adding shade or shelter from rain while still allowing you to enjoy all aspects of the great outdoors!

From aluminium awnings, to opening roofs, to fixed and retractable awnings, there are no shortage of awnings that can provide shade. Consider having an awning installed if you need more shade over your patios or doors.


South Africa’s leading awning systems.

At Reboss Awnings, reliability is rated very high. 70% of the supplier and install sales is via word-of-mouth referrals and are very responsive to providing solutions. They always listen to their clients’ needs and pride themselves on the wide range of aluminium and steel awnings that they have on offer.

Modern technology has allowed the awning industry to develop into high-tech environments with options like retractable awnings operated by remote control. Business installations can include awnings that suit commercial constructed solutions. The most populated outdoor areas can now be converted into entertaining centres, which are completely sheltered from sunshine and rain.


Cost-effective window awnings, installations, and protection!

Reboss has spent years building an enduring reputation as a leader in the in the awning industry. They manufacture fixed awning products that provide warmth, property protection and other popular benefits. Reboss is a leading awning firm in Johannesburg supplying a variety of awnings. They carry out installation services for residential and commercial industries.

Reboss is in partnership with its customers – from the decision-making stage to installation and continue the relationship through their after-sales support. Reviews from many happy customers help cement Reboss’s reputation and expertise.

So, if you are looking for high-quality and affordable awning installation, look no further and contact us today!


Roofs, walls, glazing, partitions or displays, we’ve got you covered

Polycarbonate sheets are a great way to reduce solar heat gain without sacrificing light transmission and clarity. Our experienced team can find the right product for your application – whether it’s exterior roofing, wall cladding or glazing, interior partitions or merchandising displays. Take advantage of our many years of experience in this industry!


Environmentally conscious? Get our polycarbonate sheets to have a lower carbon footprint!

Polycarbonate is a material that has many benefits, such as being lightweight with excellent rigidity. It’s impact-resistant and resistant against most weather conditions. Polycarbonates also block virtually all UV radiation. They can help reduce excess heat gain with higher quality colours than standard tinted films.

Research has shown that having a lot of natural light improves the mood and productivity of employees. That’s where polycarbonate comes in!

Polycarbonate is a versatile material that can be used in many ways to help make your life easier. It could help with architectural roofing and glazing, as well as skylights or sidelights for the house you live in. It also has applications when dealing conservatory roofs.  Consider walkways so people don’t get wet from rainwater runoff during heavy downpours.

Polycarbonates are very durable too! They’re great at protecting outdoor signage. But they have yet another use – decorative partitions where various businesses might need an enclosure or temporary divides.


When it comes to outdoor roofing solutions, retractable awnings are proving to be a popular choice. Ease of operation, attractive design, eye-catching colours and hard-wearing stain-resistant canvas all add up to a recipe for success.

Outdoor living is synonymous with the South African lifestyle. To meet that demand, there is now a whole array of different outdoor shading options to suit all needs. And one of the options trending right now is the retractable awning.

The reason for this could be the fact that a retractable awning is versatile. They are ideal to provide shade and shelter in both small and large outdoor living spaces – from modest apartment balconies to large patios and courtyards used by pubs and restaurants. They can also be combined with aluminium steel louvres for added protection from the elements.

Reboss will custom-design any type of retractable roof system, as well as supply and install from its vast range of outdoor roofing systems. Included in its range of outdoor roofing systems are outdoor canvas blinds that can be adapted for any living space, retractable patio covers and aluminium steel louvres that open the roof to let the sunshine stream in or close to keep out the winter chill.

Retractable awnings are operated with a fold-arm mechanism, extending living spaces. They are ideal to provide shade and shelter on patios, pool areas, balconies, terraces and decks. Fold-arm awnings are visually attractive, but will also enhance the appearance and value of your property.

Retractable roof systems are designed for ease of use and are operated with the mere push of a button. This allows the canvas blinds to extend or retract across the living space.

Retractable awnings are manufactured from imported, stain-resistant canvas available in a wide range of different colours. The awnings are both attractive and aesthetically appealing.